Research various timeshare companies and join Facebook Groups of members of those timeshares to really learn how it works. If the details are inaccurate then nothing about the purchase, 6. This past week, the city of St. Helena was sued after accusing a stand alone housing operation for being a timeshare entity. What was supposed to be 90 minutes can easily turn into an all day event. The Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations hotel offers specials and packages that include free WiFi and breakfast. Using Airbnb, hostels, or cheap hotels often has a cheaper price tag. 5. If instead you are interested in partying with those extra few hours Vegas style, Check out the crazy two night fiesta in sin city vlog. No part of this site may be reproduced, republished, copied, transmitted, or distributed in any manner without the express written permission of Timeshare Marketplace. Read more about our journey by clicking here. a lot more grand than it really is. ; Last minute tickets- Tix4Tonight; Cirque, Sightseeing- the "Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. Their one job is to get you into the presentation because thats how they get their commission. First time visitor- what should I know? The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". I think I received the email because I was a Hilton Honors member. Hilton Grand Vacations Club La Pacifica Los Cabos. My boss and his wife did that and it was high pressure but he seemed to like having done it. $299 for 3 nights. Situated on 50 acres of lush garden landscape, only 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, our hotel offers an impressive.VIEW MORE range of premium amenities and an unmatched commitment to outstanding service. Then theyll keep asking you why or asking what would convince you to buy. How to book the day train from Luxor to Cairo and more budget travel options in Egypt. Of course, it is hard to say no to easy points like that. The longer youre engaged, the more likely you are to buy the timeshare. While this may sound like a silly thing to do while youre on vacation, taking notes (of the. ) ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-39543488', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Monte Carlo(good show), 2 free buffets at MC and a percentage off in one of the stores at MC. 4 Changes in the Timeshare Industry That Owners Should be Aware of. Karee. Pasta lovers, this one is for you. Please note: To attend a Cirque du Soleil . They will definitely keep pushing and keep telling you youll regret passing up this deal, but they also have never crossed the line with personal attacks. The $200 Dining Voucher was awesome. Asking for a copy of the timeshare agreement is absolutely imperative. This is why I recommend sticking to cash, visa gift cards, dining vouchers, and activity tickets. Dont allow yourself to be distracted during the presentation. If you value Hilton points the same as TPG does, that's like getting a 3-night stay in a popular destination . Tipping etiquette, customs and suggestions- who do I tip and how much? Actual Vegas Timeshare Presentations We've Attended, More Ways To Save Money On Your Las Vegas Vacation. What was supposed to be 90 minutes can easily turn into an all day event. Join Hilton Honors and book direct for best rates. What they dont tell you is that most timeshare presentations have a requirement for a particular household income. Transportation: what is the public transport? Wyndham Resort At . Dont be another statistic. The sale is focused on making you feel like you need the property and that you can afford it. so you can get the right answers. Theres no better way to indulge than these best desserts around town. The second you start to say no, many of them will yell at you and tell you youre stupid for passing up such a good deal. In exchange for 90 minutes or more of your time, you may be offered a stay in Orlando and theme park tickets or a complimentary night in Las Vegas with a gambling credit thrown in. This one we attended in October and was not actually in Las Vegas, but I wanted to share another timeshare presentation experience with another popular company. Two Bedroom The two bedroom villas are great for bigger groups or families. Build Your Own Pass allows you to customize a pass and save up to 20% on top attractions! Good morning everyone, I hope your week is going well. But, you are required to attend and stay for the entire 90 minutes. You get a 350 square foot suite with a king size bed. . Wed be remiss if we didnt prepare you for additional statements that can lead you to believe taking a risk is worth taking the deal. However, the exorbitant membership fee and 17% interest rate left us raising our eyebrows. Can anyone attend a Vegas timeshare presentation? For example, attending a timeshare presentation will allow you to cash in on a 3-day, 2-night stay in the Hilton Elara Resort for as little as $199 a night. List Your Timeshare. Hilton Grand Vacations Club Elara Center Strip Las Vegas offers; Special Offers. During most Las Vegas timeshare presentations, free and complementary items are frequently offered to prospects so they stay longer. Dont Let the Pressure of Buy It Now Misguide You, Understanding what to expect out of sales jargon (or commission breath) may not be enough to help you lean on logic. Downtown and Fremont Street- worth visiting? Seller of Travel: FL #ST14792 & CA #2103290-40 | Powered By Magical World VacationsThis Advertising Material Is Being Used For The Purpose Of Soliciting Sales Of A Vacation Ownership Plan. But it doesnt start and stop with the invitation. The hotel options were from all over the world, and we chose a Brazilian steak house and Vegas! You'll have up to 12 months to book your stay. Surcharges may apply on certain weekends or holidays. Contact. Is it worth sitting through a Vegas timeshare presentation? Explore Daytona Beach Through A timeshare promotion! 1. Stay in style at a Hilton Grand Vacations Las Vegas timeshare resort, with several central and north Las Vegas Strip locations to choose from. Believe it or not, people that say No to a Vegas timeshare may end up toiling with their decision throughout their vacation. There's nothing to it. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Or, call us now at 1 (800) 610-2734. A couple of things will happen if you agree to go to a timeshare presentation and end up not showing up. Prepare for a Hard Sell and an Over Promised Product, Before you walk into a timeshare sales presentation, its important to realize that everything sold (or given) to you will sound appealing. Just for attending we were offered: Of all the times weve been to Vegas we had never done the High Roller before. Save Through A Timeshare Deal. Being able to cross reference your interpretation of the deal (or whats being presented) with the actual agreement is invaluable. Discover the Hilton Head area through a, Explore New smyrna Beach Through A timeshare promotion! It was our first vacation in many years. Las Vegas Gaming & Gambling, Nothing Compares! You only get the freebie once you complete the presentation. If theres anything you take away from this article, it should be that the experience will be painted a lot more grand than it really is. But if youre in Vegas on a tight budget and youre trying to do as much as possible for the least amount as possible, then this is worth it. The best part for them is they never have to see or hear from you again. The rooms here have full kitchens, which is virtually unheard of in Vegas, at least in non-timeshare hotels. Choose from over 20 destinations including free timeshares in Orlando, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and more. Click Here To Book Your Polo Towers Stay Today! 4 Days/3 Nights. Dont be another statistic. Pacaso, a five-home development project, claims to offer homeownership for up to 8 different tenets per each property. Transportation- Car rental: Best deals? That's a savings between $984 to $1,181 depending on where you want to go. 3 days/2 nights in a standard hotel room. Vacation promotions are easy to use, and available almost worldwide. Attending a Vegas timeshare presentation can help you save money on your trip by getting a free hotel stay or vouchers for free activities and food while youre in town. Is BookVIP a scam? The Wyndham Grand Desert timeshare resort is situated less than a mile from the world famous Las Vegas Strip and features a wide array of amenities. Additionally, you are usually having to pay taxes and fees as well and your free 7 night trip is really $500+. I havent had a female sales person be anywhere near as nasty as the men. Some of the advertising materials being used are for the purpose of soliciting the sales of vacation membership/ownership. Many times its more likely 2 hours until youre out of there because some sales people try to hold you hostage if they know youre just there for the freebie. I signed uip for a 3 day 3 nite timeshare "promotion" in Las Vegas - there were many things offered for attending the sales presentation - and they wanted $399 down for the 'package deal'. What are 6 Supposed Benefits to Purchasing a Timeshare. With that being said, at least make sure statements made during the Vegas timeshare presentation are actually in the contract. Understanding what to expect out of sales jargon (or commission breath) may not be enough to help you lean on logic. Top 10 Activities to Warm Up Your Winter Trip, German Food Tour! A little trick though you can negotiate with these people! You'll always be just moments from the casinos, critically acclaimed shows and indulgent dining this desert . Hilton Grad Vacations Club (HGVC) describes itself as "vacation ownership.". Our timeshare deals are the premier value choice for timeshare vacations and vacation ownership promotions in the world! Layaway this vacation and Book your vacation NOW. It is a lot of fun if you know how to deal with them. LOL. Las Vegas, Nevada. The more you engage and ask questions though, the digger the hole youll dig and you can be there for 4+ hours. Las Vegas Romantic Getaway. 3hrs of out time and you have to keep expressing the word "no" to them as they pass you off to the next high-pressure sales person. CALL 702-260-5454. View Listing Resort Profile. Some timeshare presentations in Las Vegas offer discounted hotel stays, vacation certificates, resort credits, and even free concert or show tickets. The fact of the matter is, sales misspeak has been penalized quite a bit in the timeshare industry. Sale Price: $129,000 (OBO) Rent Price: N/A. Floating (2 weeks), Weeks: Just be prepared to lose a significant amount of time that could have been spent sightseeing. Allow the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa to set a new standard for luxury. Las Vegas, NV. For one, whatever refundable deposit they took when you booked the presentation, youre not getting that money back. The offer was actually pretty great! But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. If youre looking to do Vegas on a budget, then these places are for you. Sometimes you may be approached at a shopping center or event where representatives of various timeshare programs offer various promotions in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation when you get to Las Vegas. Karaoke, Shopping: where are the best places? First time, we were snagged in front of Harrahs waiting to cross the street. I'd say those incentives were well worth the $150 fee! Besides the resale market being nonexistent, signing a timeshare contract exposes you to a number of additional, 2. Even if you know youre not going to buy anything. At current TPG valuations, those 25k points are worth $150.. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Marriott's Timber Lodge, South Lake Tahoe CA, June 2023. A great money saver is getting food and drinks during Happy Hour specials, which are available 24/7 in Las Vegas. More Information . Book one of the top Cancun all inclusive timeshare promotions available at the Sandos Cancun. The 2 tickets for the Gondola rides were great. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. But I like capitalizing on free ways to travel more. The Resorts are pretty nice . If you recently visited Vegas and feel as though youve prematurely signed up for a timeshare contract, wed be happy to provide you with a free consultation. There are several ways this can come about. Although the thought of buying into fractional ownership may sound perfect, never make a hasty decision while visiting Vegas. After an hour, financial rep #1 stepped onto the stage and gave us a ton of payment options to try and seal the deal. Required fields are marked *. Tip #3: Set Your Phone Timer. At the end of the day, verbal agreements mean nothing in a legal battle. Documenting a Vegas timeshare presentation creates clarity and helps you. With the wine tasting tickets we also had the option of two other gifts, but we opted for the wine tasting. With the vacation voucher, we can choose between 5 and 7 night stays when there is availability and they have destinations all over the US, Canada, and Mexico. So every once in awhile we opt in either because we have the time, we want the freebies, or for this market research! Weve done those before, but you have to be VERY flexible in when and where you want to travel and have low expectations of the experience. Each year, take a trip to the glitzy, fun, and exciting 'Entertainment Capital of the World' with a Las Vegas timeshare. 25 miles from Las Vegas is beautiful Red Rocks Canyon, a scenic one-way 13 mile drive full of awe! Was it worth it? Their opening price was almost $40,000. If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you also CANNOT attend a timeshare presentation until you are sober. However, vouchers weve received on more recent presentations all have $100+ activation fees and are much more difficult to use than this first one was. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Spend 4 days & 3 nights in a Hilton Grand Vacations property in either Las Vegas or Orlando for $199 + tax. Seller of Travel Registration NumberST43529. I will also add that we are now Diamond Resorts timeshare owners and we are very excited about being bought out by Hilton Grand Vacations. $99* Now. Transportation: Airport- International arrivals- how long is the arrival process? Whether its date night, your wedding night, a honeymoon, or anniversary, these are the most romantic restaurants you can find in Las Vegas. If youve got the money and you know youre going to travel, I recommend these trial offers before fully committing and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read all the fine print. So far, 5 out of 6 replies have been a waste of time and energy. Extensive resort amenities. Here are some ideas to make the most of your Vegas vacation on a budget. For instance, I found a report from Stephen at Frequent Miler who stated he paid $150 to attend a timeshare presentation, and in return was awarded 45,000 Wyndham points (enough for 3 nights at any Wyndham hotel) and a 7-night stay at a timeshare resort. Wait until you get home to sleep on it. Additionally, once youre already in Las Vegas, you may be approached on the street or as you enter hotels or shopping centers. Ask us why. Sales teams know this. Insurance? How about this far off land of wonders? Second, if you booked your vacation package as part of a timeshare presentation, they will charge you full price for the free or discounted accommodations they gave you. But can you believe there are also a ton of hustlers thirsty to give you free stuff? I just had to go to the lobby and be shuttled to the presentation center. High-end timeshare deals can save you an easy $1000 on an all inclusive stay and even the free gift deals could be worth it to you. Las Vegas Gaming & Gambling, Nothing Compares! Our resolve remained intact and the finally gave up. Iceland is an amazing year-round destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike. While this may sound like a silly thing to do while youre on vacation, taking notes (of the sales pitch) will actually help you enter and exit the presentation with confidence. But if youre a people pleaser and want to be nice about you can just say why. Book Today. A lot of the time these timeshare presentation deals will reward participants with discounts on stays in particular Resorts around Las Vegas, Nevada. If youve prepared for the Vegas timeshare presentation and taken notes throughout, then you have no reason to avoid a cross reference. . Not bad for three hours of our time. They want their presentations full. These people are really good at what they do. So he didnt pressure me, he wasnt mean, and then I was sent back to the Elara by myself in my own limo! For a greater probability of catching Read more, How to Enjoy Sightseeing in NYC on a Budget New York is one of the greatest cities in the world to go sightseeing. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Nearly everyone that purchases a timeshare vacation while on vacation doesnt anticipate doing so beforehand. Click Here To Purchase Your GoCity Las Vegas Pass Today! We were given 2 passes to the Shark Reef at the MB & I think $100 cash each. They should know the punishment is pretty severe. When you take the time to do your homework and take notes during the spiel, then doubt can be eliminated altogether. Thanks for reading and keep leveling up! Includes 3 nights in a hotel for up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) Also includes 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points. Vacation Ownership Consultants provides information, consulting and software only. Being able to stay at a fancy hotel anywhere in the world, for any amount of time is much better than traditional timeshare offers. I was also 22 years old and by myself, so that might have made the difference. Offer Overview. If you could eat Italian every night for the rest of your life, Las Vegas is the place for you (if you cant make it to Italy obviously). $249 Per Stay. These timeshare resorts in Las Vegas all have a casino: Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino - Traveler rating: 4.0/5. Looking for an island adventure? 25 of the Best Cheap Restaurants in Las Vegas, The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas. Moreover, taking advantage of these 7 tips allows things to work out in your favor. Discover the Poconos Pennsylvania area through a vacation, Explore Gatlinburg Tennessee Through A timeshare promotion! Re: Timeshare presentations. Helpful information: Where is a low fee ATM? LEARN MORE. 6. Since our previous article highlighted some of the ways timeshare companies lure consumers to the desert, we thought it would be helpful to prepare our readers for a Las Vegas timeshare presentation. An Epic day in New York City with Only $20, How to take Egypts Day Train from Luxor to Cairo. Orange Beach, Alabama. Iconic Meals to Taste Across Germany, Nuremberg, Germany: Top 8 Best Things to do, Munich, Germany! Out of curiosity and having the time,we did one of these presentations last year. More Exciting Deals. If you are interested in a timeshare, they usually throw in even more freebies if you purchase. Nearly everyone that purchases a timeshare vacation while on vacation doesnt anticipate doing so beforehand. Floating (Varies), Weeks: Highlighting what entices you most and finding out what each actually entails will help you determine if your intrigue is real. Just curious what kind of freebies you received. top of page. Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel & Casino - Traveler rating: 4.0/5. Located just five miles from McCarran International Airport, the Las Vegas Executive Air Terminal and Signature Flight Support, the Hilton Grand Vacations C More All rights, titles and interests (including all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights) in this site belong to Timeshare Marketplace. We got offered two nights hotel accommodations, two free dinner passes, and two tickets . BookVIP Offers Cheap Trips But Whats The Hitch! You may get marketing emails or phone calls offering you a 3 night stay at various Las Vegas area hotels in exchange for attending a timeshare presentation. , timeshare sales teams are very good at making you feel guilty for saying No. One of the ways they do so is by pressuring you to take advantage of today only offers and promotions. Contact. So we talked about potentially joining Hilton Grand Vacations one day. JP didnt do the tour with me since I told him he didnt have to. We have our choice of any of these redemptions. If you have friends or family or kids with you, for the most part, everyone can attend. Although pushback should be expected, be persistent and willing to walk away if theyre unwilling to provide you with your own copy. These vacation packages require attending a 2 hour timeshare presentation (please see the terms and conditions before booking). Are you better off without owning a timeshare? Both options are fully refundable!*. After respectfully declining the offer, their hustler instincts kicked in. Unlike most purchases, you cant just dump a timeshare if it doesnt work out. If youre skipping the casinos youre probably wondering what else there is to do. Youve gotta eat right? Hawaii Seller of Travel Reg. Plus, there are tons of hidden fees, annual membership costs, and almost no exit strategy. Las Vegas is a city of indulgence. This Vegas timeshare presentation was also in August 2020 and here is what we were offered just for attending: We were stopped while entering the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian to attend this presentation. I would never consider it in a million years. Top 10 Best Things to do in Bavarias Capital (Remastered). It does not store any personal data. Add 50 bucks for 2 Cirque du Soleil tickets ($249). 5 Perks 4 Days & 3 Nights starting at $699. Sounds crazy but its actually a pretty good way to score free hotel nights, dinners, and show tickets. Timeshares sales people have a HORRIBLE reputation. More Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas On A Budget, Things To Do in Las Vegas If You Dont Gamble. Helpful information: proof of age- can you prove you're at least 21 years old? Depending on your travel style and frequency one of these scenarios might be better than the other, but for us we will take what we can get and make the best of it. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. Do Some Homework on Timeshare Contracts Beforehand, Before attending a Las Vegas timeshare presentation, you have to understand that all timeshare sales reps are. Personally, Hilton Grand Vacations was a good experience. This allows sales reps to dance around disclosure while puffing up the purchase. Check out an all inclusive resort. Floating (52 weeks), Weeks: #: 41, Weeks: Las Vegas is infamous for being lined with scammers trying to sell you something. . The suggested resort will be available on our website within 24-48 hours, Hilton Grand Vacations Club On The Las Vegas Strip, Weeks: This can be a controversial topic, but its worth exploring, so lets get into it. Get away to Las Vegas, Nevada and experience Michael Jackson ONE By Cirque du Soleil while staying at Marriott's Grand Chateau. Save Through A Timeshare Deal. More day trips: 1. 9,539 posts. Some, to accomplish this. Diamond Resorts desks are all over the Strip though and sometimes out on the sidewalk too. The whole enjoyment of traveling comes from the freedom to choose your path and embrace the culture of each new city. You can also choose from one of our hotel . #2023timeshareoffers, #2023timesharevacations, #2023travelpromotions, #2023timesharedeals, #2023timesharepresentations. Whether youve traded a few hours for a free gift in Vegas or you anticipate being pulled off the street during your Vegas vacation, here are a few things to chew on before you consider signing any dotted lines. My husband had a 7 night vacation voucher from when he worked for Wyndham Destinations the previous year and we decided to use it in Vegas for my birthday. We planned to use them when we were at the resort, but the winery was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, which were the 2 days we were in the area. So youll be out a lot of money. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Timeshare sales presentation required. Sometimes Las Vegas timeshare promotions are done before you even make it to town. We are working very hard to keep all the resorts up to date, but occasionally we need your help. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. Discover the New Smyrna Beach area through, Discover New Orleans On Your Next vacation: Explore New Orleans Through A timeshare promotion! when you book a family-fun resort or hotel stay at a great price! But the city hasnt been buying it and on April 6th, Pacaso fired back. In this scenario, continue to reiterate what youre legally owed and reference the advertisement that brought you there. Is it dependable? The more you know going in, the easier it is. There are also several companies that offer trials if you dont want to commit to a forever timeshare. Weve seen some as little as 2 years and some up to 10 years. Usually its a one hour presentation. Bring Your Dreams to Life with a Magical Disney . All in all I thought it was a good deal but it did take approx. You may have luck contacting your credit card company or your bank, but I cant make any promises. 4. New York City. I was suckered into a timeshare presentation and decided to listen. How Do You Get Invited To A Timeshare Presentation? The Timeshare Presentation You find out when your timeshare presentation is when you check into your room. Beware of Selling, Donating and Transferring Timeshares. If they want your business then any valid offer on that day should be valid at the time you want to move forward. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Thats when my husband and I first started dating and it was our first trip together. Retail value of these packages may vary depending on destination selected, unit availability, and travel dates selected. Then usually if youre approached at the destination, the freebies include attractions around Las Vegas because you most likely already have a hotel youre staying in. They offered me a free 3 night stay at the new Elara resort, which was AMAZING! Attend 2 hour timeshare presentation at the end I went on a Vegas trip via one of these packages a couple years ago, and it was a great deal (ended up staying in an AWESOME suite during the opening round of March Madness), though I was spared the agony of sitting through the time share presentation as my friend went instead. From Orlando, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada, Westgate Resorts has a wide range of vacation packages, promotions and offers to help you . #: 22. 2X Point . Washington, D.C. Hilton Garden Inn Washington, D.C./Georgetown Area. You can definitely enjoy some food for less here. You do not to make a purchase to get the vacation offer. Hilton Grand Vacations just bought them out. At this property, they wont give you your room keys at check-in. But if youre a budget traveler and dont necessarily need luxury accommodations, there may be better places to spend your money. Anybody done a (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? So you cant show up and check in and collect your free stuff and walk out the door. We love getting freebies we can use while were already traveling and we love getting freebies to use to plan future trips! Vacation Package Details: Attendance to a 120-minute timeshare sales presentation is required in order to participate in one of our offers . (720)410-5637. Unsubscribe at anytime! We are Eva and JP, an age-gap couple discovering hidden gems in California one weekend getaway at a time. . 7. We used $175 of it at Vic and Anthonys Steakhouse on a dinner for two with wine. 10 years ago. June 1, 2022. If you can endure the persistent onslaught of condescending comments, I would say go for it. Las Vegas is even more cutthroat. commit to attending a two-hour timeshare presentation at some point . Curacao Island Timeshare Vacation Promotions, San Antonio Texas Timeshare Vacation Promotions, Dominican Republic Timeshare Vacation Promotions, Poconos Pennsylvania Timeshare Vacation Promotions, Hilton Head Timeshare Vacation Promotions, New Smyrna Beach Timeshare Vacation Promotions, New Orleans Louisiana Timeshare Vacation Promotions, Timeshare Promotions Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Cabo San Lucas Timeshare Presentations & Promotions, 2023 All Inclusive Timeshare Promotions In Cancun Mexico, Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Timeshare Vacation Promotions, All Inclusive Los Cabos & Cancun Timeshare Promotions 2023, Florida Timeshare Promotions: Visit Florida Beaches & Orlando, Timeshare Promotions: Top Questions & Answers, 2023 Las Vegas Timeshare Promotions & Presentations, Timeshare Vacation Promotion FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), Cancun Timeshare Presentation All Inclusive (Four Diamond Rated).
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